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Elen Rivas slams Frank Lampard for evicting her 98 year old grandmother

March 14, 2011
Elen Rivas and Peter Andre

Elen Rivas and Peter Andre

Frank Lampard has been criticised by his ex WAG Elen Rivas for having no heart as he is reportedly threatening to evict Elen’s grandmother from her flat in Barcelona.

Elen, who is now dating Peter Andre has told her friends that Frank is evicting Teresa Canete from the Barcelona flat as he wants to put it up for sale.However, Frank has insisted that he offered to help Rivas take over the mortgage on the £290,000 property, but did not get a response, according to the Sun today.

Elen has accused Lampard, who she was engaged to and has two daughters with, of kicking out her grandmother and said the shock of the eviction could kill her.

Elen has said to friends how worried she is about her grandmother: “How can she survive this upheaval? She is an old lady. I can’t bear to tell her what’s going on.”

She said she begged the £150,000-a-week star to reconsider selling the apartment, which he bought when he was with Elen and Teresa has been there ever since.

Frank said he gave Elen the opportunity to buy the flat from him but friends said she cannot afford it.

A source close to Elen said: “She just cannot understand it. Teresa is 98 and nearing the end of her life.

“Elen is too scared to tell her so Teresa knows nothing about it yet. It could kill her – that flat is her home.”

Frank’s agent told the Star that the footballer had been ‘very generous’ allowing Teresa to stay there.

Sounds messy, but we can understand why Frank may not want to pay for Elen’s grandmother’s house although it is a bit mean to kick her out! What do you think?

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