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Christine Bleakley angers Eamonn Holmes with her rudeness

July 9, 2010
Christine Bleakley upsets Eamonn

Christine Bleakley upsets Eamonn

Oh dear! You’d have thought that now Christine Bleakley is joining ITV she would be trying to make an effort to fit in with her new ITV presenters, however Christine has now upset ITV veteran, Eamonn Holmes.

Eamonn and partner Ruth Langsford were married last week, however Christine chose to miss the wedding as she was on holiday with Frank. According to a source at the wedding, Eamonn was ‘spitting ­feathers’ at her rudeness in not informing them she was unable to attend.

Come on Eamonn, you can’t blame her for choosing a holiday over your wedding! We didn’t even know you were friends!

Christine is reportedly “utterly mortified” that Eamonn is so upset with her. She says she thought she had informed the person who passed on the invitation to her in good time that she could not attend.

A source told the Daily Mail: “As soon as she heard about the ­miscommunication on holiday, she personally apologised to them and checked her wedding present was safely en route.”

Eamonn, who once occupied the GMTV sofa, played the matter down yesterday by saying: “How do you know she was even invited in the first place?”

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